We Believe... 

We believe in Jesus.

We believe Jesus.  

We uphold the historicity of the events surrounding Jesus' life, death and resurrection as recorded in the Bible and summarized in historical statements of faith

We believe Jesus is God, the second person of the Trinity.

We believe Jesus most clearly reveals what God the Father is actually like. Every teaching, word and action of Jesus proclaims the goodness and kindness of the Father.  

We believe the Gospel, the Good News -  the very Good News - of Jesus: "The Kingdom of God is at hand."  God is alive, present and available to all people of every race, tribe, nation and language; His kindness, goodness, forgiveness and healing are available to all through Jesus.  

We believe that repentance is a turning away from from sin - that is, from destructive ways of thinking, acting and living - and then a turning to God. Repentance is a natural and proper response to the gospel.  Obedience to God is the best, most human, joy-filled way to live on earth.  

We believe Jesus is the Great Teacher and we want to make every effort to diligently follow his teachings. Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount are particularly useful as a beginners guide in Christian conduct.  

We believe in the present activity of God right now, in this world, through the Holy Spirit.  We anticipate the presence and activity of God in our communities in response to our prayers. We anticipate restored relationships, physical and emotional healing, justice, renewed families and communities... We also recognize the Kingdom is not here in its fullness.  We lament the current state of brokenness and long for Jesus' return.  

We believe Jesus will return, bringing deliverance from death and evil, and bringing healing to humanity as well as to all creation.  

We believe God is three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The love and oneness revealed to us in the very nature of God is a picture of what flourishing communities can look like.  


As a collection of believers from different confessional communities and as an organization that is called to serve the larger body of Christ, GOHOP intentionally avoids disputes over denominational lines.  Our mandate is to serve, equip and mobilize the Church.