Who We Are

Established October 15, 2001 by Jill and Kirk Weber, the Greater Ontario House of Prayer (GOHOP) was inspired by the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, MO, with the vision to establish day and night prayer and worship in Southern Ontario.  

After nearly a decade of prayer and worship modelled after IHOP, GOHOP began to rub shoulders with 24-7 Prayer, another international prayer movement based in the U.K. 24-7 Prayer exhibited a cultural ethos that helped GOHOP connect and relate to a greater breadth of churches, denominations and para-church organizations.  Now, over 17 years later, we are a mash-up of these two beautiful prayer streams.  




The vision is Jesus. Dangerously. Obsessively. Undeniably Jesus...
— Pete Greig, The 24-7 Vision Poem