24-7 Prayer Rule of Life


As a local expression of 24-7 Prayer we share a common rule of life.  

A rule of life is like a garden trellis. A trellis is simple a structure that adds strength and support to garden plants.  A climbing rose, for example, is technically able to grow without a trellis.  But with the extra support, however, it can flourish and blossom exponentially.  A rule of life - that is, a statement of values and core practices - functions the same way.  It provides structure to support spiritual growth.  Like a trellis, a rule of life does not have life in itself. It only supports our life in God and enables a greater flourishing in the Kingdom of God. 

As a 24-7 community, GOHOP shares three core commitments and six practices.

We are committed to... 

  1. being true to Christ,
  2. practicing kindness to all people and
  3. sharing the gospel. 

From these there commitments we embrace six practices:

  1. prayer,
  2. worship,
  3. mission,
  4. justice,
  5. learning and
  6. creativity.