If you are in transition, what better time than now to tune your ear to God’s voice? If you find yourself wanting deeper connection with God - or you want to learn more about your spiritual gifts - this is for you. If you have noticed that your faith is on a sort of “autopilot,” then this internship will help you shake it off and allow God to breath new life into your body, heart, soul, and mind. This internship set me on course and helped me shake out of a rut. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
— Meag, 2015-16 intern
“The internship has shown me the equivalent of a large room filled with doors; each of the doors, when opened, have been alive with different ways to connect with God and the church... I know the real journey of walking with Christ will only expand after this wonderful year of tasting God’s various ways of connecting with me.”
— Hannah, 2017-18 intern

Studies in New Monasticism

Beginning each fall, GOHOP facilitates a 9-month course for lay-leaders: Studies in New Monasticism. This internship aims to... 

1.) assist interns in establishing rhythms of spiritual discipline

2.) offer training and in-life practical experience in the areas of prayer, mission, justice, creativity, hospitality on the margins, intimacy with God and community. 

Over the 9 months interns will...

  • read a book each month

  • complete monthly in-life assignments which correspond to the relevant topic of study

  • post reading reflections to an online forum

  • attend potluck dinners twice a month where monthly assignments are discussed and where local guest practitioners share life experience related to the present topic of study

  • spend 2 hours of prayer each week outside their own home

  • receive 1 hour of spiritual direction each month

  • attend a weekend spiritual formation retreat

  • complete a final, self-initiated project related to one's own interest

Download the 2018-19 Syllabus (note changes will be made to 2019-20 syllabus).

My experience in the internship was life changing... It was a wonderful experience to get prayed for and encouraged on a regular basis by others in this group. It was a safe atmosphere; I just let loose with my thoughts and I was healed in many areas. I cried, laughed, listened, and prayed. I wanted it to never end!
— Betty, 2016-17 intern