Prayer, Justice and Mission (PjaM):

February Reading Break Learning Trip

It was so encouraging to be with people who are passionate about the same things that I am, but from all different walks of life. It is inspiring to know that so many people are dedicated to praying for the city of Hamilton. The people of GOHOP overflow with love and peace and wisdom.
— Student Participant, 2019

PJaM (Prayer, Justice and Mission) is a collaborative, GOHOP-run service-learning trip for college or university students. Being offered over February reading week, this 5-day intensive internship will give students the opportunity to explore the 24-7 Prayer’s 6 practices (prayer, creativity, hospitality, justice, learning, and mission) by means of immersion into the life of modern monastic community. PJaM is available to students from any local university or college. 

During the trip I truly experienced God in a new way and saw him in places I never would have thought. All the things that God had been speaking to me really just gained a new clarity while I was on this trip. This is not just an experience-it-and-then-be-done-with-it trip; it has truly impacted my life and how I will live out my faith beyond the week.
— Student Participant, 2019